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The District Governess

We are thrilled to announce that an Aristasian Classic is back in print!

Aristasian Classics like The Feminine Regime and Children of the Void have been out of print for some time. They are much sought-after and are fetching sums up to $200 in America. In Britain £80 to £90 is the usual price-range .

We take this as a compliment to the quality of Aristasian literature. Books less than ten years old are already in the position of rare and precious volumes.

Now here is a chance to find out why without breaking the bank!

The District Governess centres on the theme of discipline — largely for commercial reasons. "Ah, so that is why they are fetching so much" cry the cynics. Rubbish. Discipline books are ten a penny. Most of them go out of print and are instantly forgotten. There are a hundred others to replace them. The Aristasian books are very, very different. That is why even the discerning among the profane are willing to pay high prices for them.

The District Governess is a series of vignettes about different parts and aspects of Aristasia, each accompanied by a charming illustration like the one above. We travel in the book from the Mysterious East, following the adventures of a wayward young temple virgin who deserts her vocation ("A Child of the Wind"), to the sophisticated world of Ladyton where a rich and spoiled young brunette collects blonde maidservants like beautiful, iridescent butterflies ("The Butterfly Collector"). We look at the work of a District Governess in respectable Quirinelle (the title story). We witness a hilarious (and painful) encounter between jinky Vintesse Pippsies and stolid rustic Arcadiennes ("All on an Autumn Morning"). We examine the psychological intricacies of a delicate Aristasian soul ("The Heart of a Blonde"). We visit various schools in different parts of the empire and meet all types and temperaments of Aristasian.

Miss Regina Snow runs the gamut of her literary musicianship, from the soulfully lyrical to sophisticated wit; from delicately introspective to robustly humorous and there is even a foreword by the redoubtable Miss Martindale. The book is full of information about Aristasia. Our Travellers' Guide to Aristasia is just a part of the book's introduction, while one learns much more about the Empire by meeting and understanding Aristasians as living, breathing people in their daily lives, in their adventures, in their vices and virtues, their courage and their follies.

Like all the Wildfire Club books, The District Governess is a handsome volume in burgundy cloth cover with gold-stamped spine, typeset and designed to the high aesthetic standards of the Empire. A book that embodies Aristasian values in its production as well as in its content. A book that you will be proud to own.

A final note The District Governess has not been reprinted. It is back in print because we have found (in typical blonde fashion) a few boxes of the book that we didn't realise we had. So if you want a copy, please hurry. It may be out of print again soon!

Hardback, Price £25

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